Lifeboat Station

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea

In an emergency always call 999

Whitby Lifeboat Crew

Name: Howard Fields   Richard Dowson Mark Frankland
Position: Coxswain 2nd Coxswain

Station Mechanic / Coxswain / ILB Helm

Dep 2nd Coxn / ILB Helm / ALB Mechanic 
Joined: April 1984 September 2002 April 1997
Occupation: RNLI Coxswain RNLI Mechanic Vessel Master

Name: George Clemitshaw John Pearson Aaron Cook Lee Harland               
Position: ALB Mechanic / ILB Helm Trainee Crew Trainee Crew ILB Helm / ALB Crew
Joined: May 2011 October 2015 October 2015 October 2000
Occupation: Publican Cleaner Potash Miner

Name: Rob Garrett Jonathan Marr Anthony Gibbon Andrew Cass
Position: ALB / ILB Crew Dep 2nd Coxn / ILB Helm ALB / ILB Crew ILB Helm / ALB Mechanic 
Joined: April 2013 June 1998 February 2013 December 2005
Occupation: Bar Person Officer of the watch Mechant Navy Mechanic Joiner

Name: Leah Hunter Martyn Cairns Geoff Hodgson Jamie White
Position: ALB / ILB Crew ILB Helm / ALB Crew ILB Helm & Mechanic / ALB Navigator Coxswain / ILB Helm
Joined: May 2014 August 2005 July 1993 September 2005
Occupation: Teaching Assistant Fabricator Surveyor RNLI Staff / 2nd Coxswain Humber


Name: Ben Laws Nathan Jones Dave Harcourt Steven Boocock
Position: ALB / ILB Crew Trainee Navigator/ ILB Crew ALB / ILB Crew ALB Navigator / ILB Helm
Joined: December 2005 April 2006 October 2013 July 2000
Occupation: Chef  Business Owner Deck Hand / Joiner Fish merchant

Name: Neil Cook Ian Taylor Adam Wright Joe Winspear
Position: Trainee Navigator / ALB Crew Trainee Crew Trainee Crew Trainee Crew
Joined: August 2000 January 2015 October 2015 November 2014
Occupation: Joiner Publican Lifeguard Banker

Name: Shane Ingram Keith Attridge Simon Rhodes Aden Welford
Position: Trainee Crew Trainee Crew Trainee Crew Trainee Crew 
Joined: October 2015 November 2016 September 2016 April 2016
Occupation: Heating Engineer Hotelier Mechanic

Name: Josh Jones Alison Brisby
Position:  Trainee Crew Trainee Crew    
Joined: Oct 2017 Oct 2017
Occupation: Supply Teach / Beach LifeGuard Bar Staff