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The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea

In an emergency always call 999

Our Boats

Trent Class Lifeboat - The George and Mary Webb

The Trent class lifeboat is designed to lie afloat, either at deep-water moorings or at a berth. Introduced in 1994, it shares the same hull shape as the Severn class but is a smaller version. The sheerline sweeps down for ease of survivor recovery. As with the Severn, its propellers are protected so it can take ground without damage.

Trent Class Lifeboat

Introduced in: 1994
Length: 14.26m (46ft 9in)
Range: 250 n.miles
Beam: 4.9m (16ft 1in)
Construction: Fibre Reinforced Composite
Displacement: 27.5 tonnes
Crew: 5/7
Speed: 25 knots

D-Class Inshore Lifeboat - Warter Priory

It is ideal for rescues close to shore where larger lifeboats cannot operate. The D Class (IB1) can be righted manually by the crew after a capsize. Identifying features include a single 50hp outboard engine, operational number on side tube and is orange in colour.

Duration : 3 Hours
Beam: 2m (6ft 7in)
Construction: Nylon coated with Hypalon
Displacement: 21 inches
Crew: 2/3
Speed: 25 knots